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Experience The NERO Adventure

Travel to new places and experience exciting adventures with Nero Adventure. We offer scuba diving, town tours of Trincomalee, snorkeling on Pigeon Island, whale and dolphin watching tours, and taxi services. Every enthusiast may find something exciting to do with our well designed adventure packages, which are suitable for all skill levels.

  • Expert Guides

    Bringing each journey to life with passion and skill, our team of skilled and experienced guides is more than simply a guidebook.

  • Safe Traveling

    Our first concern is keeping you safe. To provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we use the most up-to-date equipment, meticulous risk assessments, and strict adherence to safety regulations.

  • Diverse Adventures

    We provide a wide variety of experiences that are appropriate for all skill levels, from heart-pounding excursions to thrilling dives. We provide experiences for all types of people, whether they are thrill-seekers or looking for something more relaxed.

Discover A Mesmerizing Nature Landscape & Stunning Culture

Nero Adventure, where we create amazing memories out of everyday experiences. We are your doorway to exhilarating travels and remarkable adventures. Our establishment was driven by a passion for exploration and a dedication to provide unmatched adventure experiences.

Went deep sea fishing and had a great time. The boat is very comfortable and the staff is friendly! Lots of fun, I would highly recommend Nero again.


    Great boat, friendly staff

    We had the best day with nero adventures. Saw plenty of dolphins which was wonderful but the most exciting part was the whale who came to say hello ūüėč

      Maud Desmet

      Excellent service

        nishanthan Nishankar

        Experience The NERO Kitchen

        Nero Kitchen is a place where culinary excellence meets warm hospitality in a setting designed to elevate your dining experience. At Nero Kitchen, we believe in the power of good food to bring people together, and we’ve created a menu and atmosphere that reflects our desire to create memorable moments around the table.

        • Distinctive Cuisine

          Discover a menu that blends classic and modern cooking methods to celebrate the variety of flavors. Every dish is a work of art, expertly presented to satiate your palate.

        • Warm Ambiance:

          Enter an inviting environment where modern sophistication meets timeless charm. Whether you're enjoying an intimate dinner or celebrating a special occasion with friends and family, our restaurant is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere. Impeccable Service: Our staff is dedicated to providing attentive and personalized service, ensuring that every visit to Nero Kitchen is a pleasant one.

        Discover A Mesmerizing Food & Culture

        We serve Italian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, and grill cuisine. We believe that every adventure should be accompanied by delicious food.
        Distinctive Cuisine: Discover a menu that blends classic and modern cooking methods to celebrate the variety of flavors. Every dish is a work of art, expertly presented to satiate your palate.

        It's a fun and nice pizzav love niro kitchen fun fun tasty pizza

          Suresh Jeraa

          Wowww it was awesome pizza we love it

            Sujeewa Lakshan Dasanayaka

            Super pizza and seafood‚ā¨‚ā¨‚ā¨‚ā¨

              Karmegam Nishanthan

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